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What is IFSC Code?

The IFSC Code stands for Indian Financial System Code that is used for online money transactions in India. Basically, IFSC is a 11 digit code combined with alpha numerical characters. These are assigned by RBI to identify every branch seperately. Every online fund transfer must need IFSC code and its regularly being used in the form of National Electronic Fund Transfer(NEFT), Real Time Gross Setttlement(RTGS) and Centralised Funds Management System (CFMS) as well. provides IFSC codes and MICR codes for all branches of over 150 banks in India. However, if you digging more deeper into specific bank like SBI, then the dedicated website is what you need.

Banking Career

India has over 160 banks including public sector, private sector and govt undertaking. Altogetger these banks has over 1 Lakh branhes in India. Every year Indian banking sector offers huge volume of jobs ranging from peon to officer.

What is a MICR Code?

The MICR full form is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. Its basically a printing technology used to print alpha-numeric characters. This Code is printed on the cheques and is used in cheque processing, whenever bank gets an order.

What is NEFT?

NEFT full form is National Electronic Fund Transfer. Which is an online fund transfer supported by RBI. This is used to transfer amount among banks in India. It has some limit to safeguard bank accounts an dreduce the risk.

What is RTGS?

The RTGS is a short form for Real Time Gross Settlement. A fund transfer system used to transfer money among banks. This is used for huge money transfers. Minimum transfer amount in RTGS should be Rs.2,00,000 and above. Relevant fees are applicable, check before using it.

Disclaimer: We strive to make our database 100% accurate, however double check if you have any doubt.